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Contribution to knowledge- Process and community engagement

The practice-based research methods which I used complemented and added to the work which the community organisations I worked with, and in some cases subsequently added to their own methods of work, as shown in this extract from a testimony, below:

The mix of methods used facilitated an ease of engagement for participants including some of our most vulnerable community members. The digital storytelling in particular was a huge hit with participants and they reported enjoying remembering and retelling their stories, feeling heard, and that their experiences and memories were validated through the process… As a result of Alison’s methods, and their success, we have since utilised digital methods of capturing stories and journeys more widely (McAulay, 2018)

In the case of one organisation, it was possible to be part of the wider engagement which they do, offering new activities for its members:

A huge amount of effort goes into creating health and wellbeing opportunities that add interesting diversity. In addition to some of our core exercise, music and storytelling contributors, visits from emergency services and a wide array of student projects, this year we were able to offer some new items including: ¨ Paisley stories capture ¨ Mapping my

Paisley (Roar Connections for Life, 2018, p.13)

Both of these extracts offer examples of valuable contribution to knowledge in community engagement.


6.5 Opportunities for further development of the research