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5.1 Introduction

This chapter is an analysis and discussion of conclusions from the research, when taking all three approaches together and adopting a multi-modal approach to understand the cultural context of an area. Each technique used in my research revealed several different types of asset and story, developing an interesting weaving of narratives around what culture is seen to be (demonstrating the “clew” discussed by Nelson (Little et al., 2013, p.10)) therefore I offer an explanation towards refining what constitutes a cultural asset and then a mechanism to promote greater understanding of the their significance by proposing a scale of meaning for cultural assets.

It should be noted that within methodological critiques there are criticisms which can be applied to of the positionality of my practice-based research, and that of other cultural researchers; “where we set the boundaries of devices depends on our own questions, and our own agendas. It also tells us that whatever the stories that we tell, whatever it is that we seek to inscribe on the package, these will only ever be partial” (Law and Ruppert, 2013, p.234), therefore further study is recommended and suggested in chapter six.