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2.6 Conclusions

As a practice-based PhD the research combined creative methods native to the host organisation (Renfrewshire Council) and matters relevant to the research portfolio of the host institution (University of the West of Scotland), thus producing a body of work which is relevant to both organisations and timely to the context of the bid for a UK City of Culture

2021. This represented a unique opportunity to undertake practice-based research in a live situation, allowing a functional portfolio of work which benefits the advancement of City of Culture bid writing, and academic reflection on this which contributes to knowledge in the cultural planning field of research.

By taking a practitioner-researcher approach the work I undertook as part of my PhD contributed to my own professional development and stimulated conversation about culture in Paisley 2021 and encouraged people to get involved in a way which is meaningful to them, as highlighted in this quotation regarding adopting a multi-arts ‘kaleidoscope’ of wide-appeal projects under the Liverpool 2008 banner:

“By giving.. people a voice and allowing them to celebrate their own personal perceptions of what is important within their local environment they are also empowered to have a say in the changes that are being made

to their community” (Willshaw, 2005, p.15)

Further discussion of the value, originality and contribution of the research is described in chapter 6.