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1.3 Objectives

The context of a Paisley bid for the UK City of Culture offered a unique opportunity for a researcher to be immersed in a live project reflecting on the ongoing nature of the Paisley 2021 bid, from bid preparation (from early 2015), bid submission (February 2017), initial successful shortlisting (July 2017) and final bid announcement (December 2017) and the evolution of the place of research within this timeline.

The research had two main objectives:

1. Drawing on best practice in participatory arts practice, design and co- deliver a programme of engagement workshops with local and national stakeholders to develop a digital cultural asset map for the Renfrewshire area in preparation for UK Capital of Culture 2021 bid

2. Translate the participatory arts practice into a set of creative outputs, that promote discussion on the meaning of culture and the extent of culture in the area, as a practice-based research response to the title of the adopted local heritage asset strategy “Paisley the Untold Story” (Renfrewshire Council, 2014a).