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Many thanks to everyone who helped me achieve my practice-based research, through participation in the research and/or support when writing the thesis, namely:

My supervisory team (Professor Gayle McPherson, Professor David McGillivray, Stuart McMillan) and my transfer event supervisor and internal assessor (Dr Kathryn Burnett) for all of the support and encouragement

UWS and Renfrewshire Council for the studentship funding to support my research

My husband for always supporting me and encouraging me

My family for believing in me and supporting me along the way

My friends Nicola Pringle and Kenny Brine for the happy days out and off with the dogs and cats and fellow students in UWS MCS for the essential chats

Members of the Paisley 2021 cultural workstream and GIS team for listening to the initial ideas for cultural mapping and support with submitting assets

Creative Renfrewshire Network for taking an active interest in my project and assisting with contacts

Organisers and community workers extrordinaire Emma Richardson and Sharon McAuley (Star Project), Anne Duncan (Roar Connections for Life) and María Suárez (Create Paisley) for helping me access the groups for creative research

Research participants from the Star Project, Create Paisley and Roar Connections for Life for sharing their stories and ideas with me

Staff at PAS for volunteering opportunities and interest in my research outputs

Professor Rowena Murray for introducing me to the writing retreat process

Staff at the Institute of Historic Building Conservation, UWS Graduate School, Hidden Heritage Conference and International Conference on Cultural Heritage and New Technologies for the conference presentation opportunities

The kindness and compassion of all of the NHS people who made me better when I was ill mid PhD

Team UWS hockey, Team UWS equestrian, The Cyclebox Squad and trainers, Jess Harvey and Fred Chesne for helping me finally learn how physical activity and taxing my brain really do go hand in hand